Class Options

Below are book options that I currently teach. 
Please contact me if you'd like to set up a class. 
Classes must have a minimum of 5 people.

If you'd like a workshop set up near you, please contact me. All contact information is located in the contact tab above. 

All levels are welcome to participate in any class I offer. To see currently scheduled classes view the Classes & Workshops tab above.

For all classes, students need to bring:

  • pencil
  • metal edged ruler
  • cutting mat or a thick magazine to cut on
  • scissors
  • an exacto type knife with extra blades
  • bone folder (if you can not locate one, please contact me)
  • a magazine to be thrown away (this will be used as a glue station)
  • an old phone book if you have one
  • paper or notebook to take notes if you wish
All other materials and tools will be provided!

Also known as pamphlet books and are very versatile. These little books are perfect to create little artist books with content. They're also great for quote books, short stories, letters, gifts and even grocery lists.


Japanese Stab Bound
Also known as Japanese side stitch binding, pouch books, four hole and they have several variations. I teach the traditional four hole and show variations including Kangxi, Asa-no-ha toji and Kikko toji.

Accordion Book
Accordion Books are wonderful for many different projects. They make wonderful portfolios and photo displays. They're great for artist books to display in galleries and they can be made from many different materials. I teach an accordion book with hardbound covers, pockets and sewn in pages. 

Longstitch Binding
Also known as limp leather bindings. Students learn to create longstitch exposed spine bindings along with an exploration of different closures. Burning into the leather is optional and always offered. Leather choices, care, antiquing and finishes are also discussed.

Coptic Stitch Book
There are many variations of coptic stitch books. I teach the Ethiopian double needle coptic stitch. These books make wonderful sketchbooks because they open flat. They’re also great for guest books, photo albums and portfolio books.

Tapes Bound Book
Also known as a hollow spine book and hardbound book. This style allows the pages to open flat and makes a wonderful sketchbook, journal or photo album.

Cord Bound Book
Cord bound books are a very traditional book structure. This book also opens almost completely flat and has many uses.


Box Making

Boxes really are a work of art. We will learn basic techniques used to create various box structures including square boxes, boxes with lids, clam shell boxes, circular boxes and odd shaped boxes. 


Cloth Books

An exploration using cloth in books. Making bookcloth from traditional and modern methods, soft cover fabric books, fabric as pages and mixing fabrics to create the perfect book. Each student will create a soft cover fabric book with paper or cloth pages.

(Photo available soon!)

Artist Book Workshop

This workshop explores 6 structures that are perfect for displaying artwork in galleries and for unique artist books.

Structures that will be taught and made include:
Circle accordion
Sewn Double accordion
Flag book
Tunnel book
Flowerfold Book
Hinged Hardbound book

Circle Accordion with pockets and flowerfold text pages

Flowerfold Book

(More photographs to come of artist book structures)